Fascinating Facts of Online Bingo

The Facinating Facts of Online Bingo

The Facinating Facts of Online Bingo

Online bingo, the best game referred by wide range of players in their free time. You need not require extra skill and talent to win bingo game. Winning bingo game purely depends on your luck. The favorite hobby of most of the people from all over the world is to visit nearest bingo hall and start playing the game.

Now, people are showing interest to play bingo game online than to play at real bingo halls or real casino. Simply, get registered with the bingo gaming site that is offering your favorite bingo game varieties.

The most exciting facts of online bingo are given below:

  • The percentage of people prefer to play bingo game online are aged in the range of 35 years to 45 years.
  • About 48% of bingo lovers admitted that they play their favorite bingo game one in a day.
  • About 47% of bingo players have a habit of making new friends by using chat facility.
  • In United Kingdom, the percentage of women playing bingo game is more when compared to men, women ? 83% and men ? 17%.

Source: Top 10 Bingo

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