Bingo Calls ? A Complete Guide


bingo calls

Are you an online or mobile bingo player? Want to know nick names for bingo numbers? This infographic presents complete information about bingo ball numbers and their nick names.

When you are playing bingo, the numbers called out will be mentioned by its nick name through an audio alert, and then the real number is called out, and now it?s displayed on the bingo game screen. You can find a comprehensive list of bingo calls and their respective nick names in our infographic.

This infographic is really helpful for all the novice bingo players as well as professional bingo players. Even if you are a school teacher playing bingo game to add some fun and entertainment in the classroom, this guide is useful.

Bingo Calls ? A Complete Guide, this infographic is developed by This is fantastic and it?s interesting to know the nick names given to bingo numbers from 1 to 90.

Source: Bingo Buddha

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