Is gambling really a man?s sport?



We always see more men in the film shot inside casinos, women are more often pictured as only companies. But this is really the truth about gender distribution in the world of gambling? Or is it another misbelief about gambling that we should clarify?

If we turn on the TV and see a movie which has a casino, some things can be easily predicted: the star will be definitely a man, the dealer will be at least the age of 50 and the male players will be accompanied by mostly beautiful women in colourful dresses and short skirts. But if we go deep into studies that were created about casino gaming habits in recent times, we can be assured that the stereotype that men tend to gamble more has really no base.

For example, do you know what is a common thing between Pamela Anderson and 55 per cent of women questioned by the Gambling Commission in the UK? They both admitted to having gambled in the previous month.

Studies in Western countries have found that women gamble as frequently as men, although there are distinctive product preferences; women mostly love to play electronic gaming machines (or slot machines), bingo and lotteries, while some gambling activities like table games, wagering and sports betting attract more men.

And this one thing might explain why gambling online is highly popular amongst the ?weaker? gender. Brick-and-mortar casinos do not have the best reputations about their establishment. Man often enjoys casino games with friends and in an illuminated state which does not make the place the safest and friendliest on Earth.

Instead of going out drinking, women are coming home from work and switching on the PC according to Liz Karten the UK’s leading female addiction specialist. Many are in demanding careers and want to flee at the end of the day while remaining in control in a way they would not be after drinking or taking drugs.

Plus, there are women with children for whom it is nearly impossible to move out on a night and leave the kids at home. But in the age of internet, they can go online quietly behind the monitor and enjoy a good time at an online casino while not being disturbed by anyone and the young ones are sleeping well in the next room.

Of course gaming could be a thin ice and one always have to know her limits but recent studies show that women are less affected by gambling problems than men. More than 95% of all women playing in casinos are ?normal? player according to the Uk?s Gambling Commission and only 1.7% are the ones that should stop playing because of gambling problems.

Take a look at the infographic which introduces some interesting facts about female players.

Source: Casino Strategy



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