Learn Sic Bo Rules and Strategy in 5 Minutes

Sic Bo



Game Purpose

Sic Bo, it?s a table game played using 3 dices, aim to guess and bet in advance on future combinations. You can place bet in 50 different ways, and it?s one of the Macau?s most popular and preferred games.

Game Progress

Like in Roulette, players will wager on dedicated areas on the table. Also, you can bet on as many combinations as you want. Now, the dealer will put dices in closed chest that he shakes and opens to disclose the winning combinations.


Don?t bet on wagers with a probability less than 10%, and go for wagers having a probability of more than 30%.Don?t bet on wager options with a house edge more than 10%.

Play carefully, payoffs changes from casino to casino, which also changes the house edge. You can also go for other types of bets.

Please check out the infographic to get more information on Sic Bo.

Source: Casinos Avenue

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