Learn Ultimate Poker in Just Five Minutes



?Learn Ultimate Poker in 5 minutes? is an infography dedicated to gamblers that wants to discover new table games. Also known as Ultimate Texas Hold?em, this game is rising in a lot of casinos throughout the world.

The infography explains in a few minutes and in a recreational way everything you have to know before trying your luck at a table.

Game Purpose, Player Hands Values, Gaming Table, Betting System, Game Progress, Potential Winnings and Strategies are explained.

Ultimate Texas Hold?em is one of the most risk/rewarding games. If you have a good starting hand you can quadruple your initial bet (which means that you can bet 5 blinds) and double each of them if you end up by beating the dealer?s hand.

As for Strategy, the infography features a ludic chart that tells you the best moment to quadruple your pre-flop raise. A printable version of it is available on CasinosAvenue?s Blog. You can download it, print it and bring it to the casino to maximize your winnings, some casinos with liberal rules even authorize it upon the table.

In this game there is also a Trips bet (side bet), the payout is usually displayed on the table, it allows you to win up to 50 times your first bet if you end up with a Royal flush.

This infography is the first of a series made by CasinosAvenue.com that will make you discover all the most popular casino games. Upcoming infographics will highlight the key features of the following games: Stud Poker, Sic Bo, Roulette, Craps, Blackjack, Casino War, Baccarat and Three Card Poker.

Source: Casinos Avenue

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