What Would You do if You Won a Jackpot in Vegas?



According to the online survey made on 123 players of age group 18 and above ?

  • 35% of the players take care of themselves and relax
  • 34% of the players stay in their dream?s suite
  • 32% of the players continue playing games
  • 32% of the players offer to the most needy people
  • 29% of the players move out of the city as soon as possible
  • 25% of the players will be as the king or queen of that night
  • 21% of the players do some unusual experiments
  • 18% of the players will attend some grand performance evnts like kickboxing
  • 18% will try some new flavors
  • 18% will get an adrenaline rush
  • 18% will have fun with their friends or family
  • 5% will get discreatly married or not

Source: Casinos Avenue

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