Bingo is a game loved by all. A favourite pastime from the 1800’s and reaching a peak with the 1970’s bingo halls, it is still extremely popular in UK. The massive popularity of online bingo is a direct attestation to that fact. Here, we explore the benefits of playing a online bingo games.

  • Payback

Bingo is a game which has a relatively high Return To Player percentage, and since the cost of the tickets is relatively low, usually 1p or 5p, the amount a player loses is not much in comparison. The players may also purchase fewer tickets per session if they choose to.

  • Socialising

The main reason why people indulge in a game of bingo is the socialising aspect of the game. Sitting on a table surrounded by many players, and gossiping about their lives, discussing current events etc. creates a community of bingo players who are familiar with one another. This social aspect of the game has now moved to online bingo where a chat function exists which is moderated by Chat Hosts and where players know each other on a personal level.

  • Health Benefits

The biggest benefit of playing bingo is that it keeps the mind sharp. A study by Southampton University research team showed that the mental agility, ability to recognize patterns and speed of recognition of numbers was significantly higher in bingo players than in non bingo playing group of the same age.

  • Bonus offers

Most online bingo sites now offer free bingo sessions. Here, players do not have to purchase bingo tickets and instead can win them in contests held on their Facebook pages. These bingo halls are also usually deposit free and the money won can be used to play in other slots.

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