This infographic was created by, and it?s about the best casino roulette strategies that helps in winning the game. These vital roulette strategies are discussed below:


  • It?s known as the grand daddy of all the roulette betting systems.
  • The oldest system ever devised to beat casinos.
  • Here, players will double his bets after every loss.
  • If the players wins the bet, it will be equal to the original bet.


  • This is more popular than Martingale
  • Here, players will doubles his previous bet and adds extra one unit when he lose the bet.
  • This way, he can get impressive winnings than the original bet, if he wins the game.


  • Here, players will start with selecting a sequence of numbers of any length say 1-2-3-4-5.
  • The winning goal is represented by the sum of numbers.
  • Each number represent a betting unit.
  • The player will place his first bet as the sum of the first and last numbers.
  • If the player loses bet, the bet amount is added to the sequence.
  • The net bet is the sum of first and the last numbers in the new sequence.
  • On the contrary, if a player wins the initial 6 unit bet, the first and last numbers in the sequence are marked cross.
  • The next bet will be the sum of first and last numbers in the reduced sequence.
  • After canceling the numbers successfully, players will get the sum of numbers in the new sequence.


  • It?s completely based on an assumption
  • ?if ?bet A? wins more than ?bet B? then ?bet A? is less likely to win again and ?bet B? is more likely to win?
  • While applying this strategy, players should decrease their bet value by 1 unit following a win and increase their bet by 1 unit following a loss.
  • This strategy provider good number of winning sessions.


  • This strategy is popularly known as ?UP-as-you-win? betting strategy.
  • The player bets same amount when he lose the game and increases by 1 unit if he wins the game.
  • As the player progresses, the caveat is if a player bets more than his requirement to recoup his previous losses plus a 1 unit profit.

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