Most of the players know that the casino holds some benefit in blackjack. This benefit or advantage is also known as house edge, and is usually less than 1% in many blackjack games, provided players play by following the optimal basic strategy under the game rules.

What is house edge? It’s nothing but an expression of how much on each bet the house can receive to win on average in the long run. Example: if the house edge is 1%, and if you place bets of $100 then the house edge will be $1 on all the best you make with the casino.

Make sure to know that house edge is based on how much you expect to lose expressed as some percentage on your first deposit made with the casino. This will not include extra wagers you make while playing the game, like splitting and doubling down.


Different blackjack rules will have some impact on the size of the house edge. Some rules will benefit players and few increase the house edge of the casino.


There might be wide range of promotional rules but some will definitely help the players. For example, if blackjacks pay 2-1, house edge will be decreased by 2.27%. Here, we also discuss some other possible promotional rules variations that are beneficial for players, along with the amount they decrease the value of house edge.

Triple Down: -1.64%

Five Card Charlie: -1.46%

2-1 on Suited Blackjacks: -0.57%

Six Card Charlie: -0.16%

Seven Card Charlie: -0.01%


Most of the players might be knowing the fact that blackjack games with fewer decks are friendly to players, but you will be shocked to find that the differences between these games is very same and can be negligible. It’s a fact that players will not see any benefit unless when one or two decks are used. Check out how the decreasing number of decks have impact on the house edge.

Six Decks: -0.02%

Five Decks: -0.03%

Four Decks: -0.06%

Two Decks: -0.19%

One Deck: -0.48%

For more information, please check out the below infographic.


SOURCE: Online Blackjack

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