How Online Slots Developed Through Years

How Online Slots Developed Through Years

Since their inception in 1895 slots have come a long way.

How Online Slots Developed Through Years

What was Liberty Bell Slot Machine Like?

The first slot machine was called Liberty bell. It was invented by Charles Fey. Because of its handle the first slots came to be known as one-armed bandits. The liberty bell was heavy and the players had to manually spin the wheel manually. It had 3 wheels and 10 symbols in every wheel. The symbols were: Hearts, Clubs, Diamonds, spades and the bell symbol. When the bell matched in all 3 reels a 50 cents jackpot was awarded. As the days went, more symbols (fruits) like lemons, cherries and bananas were included. When the slots entered Las Vegas in 1940s there was no turning ever since. As the slot machines kept growing the technology also advanced which led to many innovations.

Development of Electronic Video Slots

As time progressed the electronic videos slots were invented. This was a revolution in the gambling industry. But it took some time for the players to get used to it. All the while they were convinced that pulling the handle on mechanic slots they had control over lady luck. However it took some time for the players to realize how exciting the new video slots really are.

Slots Go Online

When the 90s came everything moved online. The new generation players got to choose whether they wanted to play their favorite slots in a land based or online casino. Then with the advent of mobile devices the developers were compelled to develop software suited for mobile devices also. So that the players can play at any time and anywhere. These days each new slot brings along with it new and exciting graphics, features and sound effects. Thus by ensuring the players are more than satisfied.

How Online Slots Developed Through Years


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