How to Play Baccarat


How to Play Baccarat

  • Baccarat Beginnings

Baccarat (French) or baccara (Italian), which means ZERO indicating face card values, has a long history documented in as early as 1490 when it was introduced to France where it was popular during the reign of King Charles VIII. But while it was already making a name in East casinos in the next years, it was only in 1959 when the game was introduced to Las Vegas.

  • Why smart players play baccarat
  • It is a game for low and high rollers, contrary to popular belief that it’s only for players with big bankrolls
  • Rules are fixed and simple and outcomes are never influenced by the DEALER or other PLAYERS.
  • Pure guessing game: Just choose the winning hand.
  1. Winning at Baccarat
  1. A player will receive an even-money pay out, if he bet on the Banker’s hand and it wins.
  2. A player will receive an even-money pay out if he bet on the Player’s Hand and it wins.
  3. A player will receive an 8-1 return if he placed a bet on the Tie hand and it wins.
  4. If a player did not bet on a tie and the hands produce it, the stake will be returned.
  • Top Tips
  1. Know and understand the rules of the game.
  2. Always bet on the banker hand because it wins more often than the player hand. Do not be put off by the 5% commission to pay to the casino if you won. The banker hand has the lowest house edge, 1.06%.
  3. Never bet on a tie.
  4. Select a game with fewer decks because it can give you a better edge at winning.
  5. Establish a bankroll before playing.
  • Bet types and payouts
  1. A player can bet on several hand outcomes, allowing them to bet on their hand, on the banker’s hand or on the tie.
  2. Payouts are given at even money odds for player and banker bets. In case a player wins, he will get the same amount to his wager.
  3. The banker bet, on the other hand, features a 5% commission, making the real odds of 0.95 to 1.
  4. The highest payout odds are on the tie bet, 8:1, but it’s most difficult to win. It only happens if both the banker and the dealer hands hold equal total points.
  • What to remember
  • Object of the game: The main objective is to bet on two- or three- card hand, which total is closer to nine.
  • Card value: Face and ten cards, 0; ace, one point; the rest, their face value
  • A total of eight (8) or nine (9) is called a natural.
  • Pointing system: If total card value is over 10, the second digit is the total score.
  • Initial dealing: Two cards are dealt for the banker hand and the player hand.  
  • Fun Facts
  1. The game was originally played with tarot cards.
  2. An Italian gambler invented the game.
  3. The main plot of the movie “Casino Royale” is centered on the baccarat table.

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Infographic description

Baccarat (or baccara) was introduced in France, where it became popular during the reign of King Charles VIII in 1490.  Today, it’s still one of the most dominant casino games played by low and high rollers. No wonder, the rules are fixed and simple and the outcomes are never influenced by anyone in the game. In the above infographic, you’ll learn tips for playing, what is winning at baccarat and some facts, terms and rules to remember.

The game isn’t as complicated as poker or blackjack, however, because all you need is to bet on the winning hand—banker, player or tie. But just like most tips to find online, NEVER bet on a tie, even if it’s tempting with 8:1 payout odds. [Why? It is rare that both the player and banker hand will get equal total points.]

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