How to Play Bingo Game?

bingo winners

The first thing that comes to mind when we hear the word “Bingo” is fun and excitement because we all start connecting to the game Bingo which has been in the world since 1929.


In the decades of this game’s existence and invention there have been tons of modifications to the game. Now, we have so many various forms to this bingo game that a guide of how to play has become really important and so here is one for you so that you can get set go with online bingo.

Basic instructions of the game –

This section is for the people who don’t have any idea about the bingo game. You would be buying a bingo ticket which is a card consisting of random numbers in 5 columns and 5 rows with the B-I-N-G-O. One person would randomly call out some numbers and if you have the numbers called out in your ticket you strike them out as and when they are announced.

bingo winners

Once you strike out all the numbers (which means you got a Full-house) in the card just shout “Bingo” and go to the person announcing the numbers and bingo! You are the winner of that game and win the prize. Now we have an idea of the basic procedure of the game but it is not necessary that you need to always get a Full-house to win, there are several different combinations along with different variants in the bingo game and we will discuss them game wise.

75 ball bingo –

In this type of bingo game the cards are arranged in 5×5 grid with 25 squares. There will be in total 75 numbers on the card. In this game you could win prizes if you get the numbers in any of the vertical, horizontal, diagonal lines or of course if you get a full-house.

90 ball bingo –

In the form of bingo there are in total 90 numbers on the ticket, 3 rows of numbers in 9 columns with 5 numbers each row leaving some blank space. There are 15 numbers space in 27 blank spaces. Win this game in three ways – get 1-line, 2-lines or if you get a full-house.

80 ball bingo –

In this game the bingo cards are arranged in 4×4 grid and has in total 80 numbers in individual shutter windows. The winning pattern in this game is by getting letters, shapes, lines or if you cover all.

50 ball bingo –

There are two rows and 5 columns in this game of bingo with a total of 10 numbers all across the cards. How you can win in this game are by getting either one line horizontally or by getting a Full-house.

30 ball bingo –

Here the card is arranged in a 3×3 grid with total 9 numbers and is called the speed game. You win by simply completely the entire card and because there are less numbers it finishes fast.

Apart from these popular games there are other variants as well which have kind of the similar winning pattern but not to worry, on each game of the website you would be given the winning pattern which you can refer to and get the win. Hope this article was helpful.

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