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Speed Poker is lightning-fast poker now at Titanbet Poker. Players can select between Texas Hold?em and Omaha Speed cash tables or have a go at one of thrilling Speed Tournaments. Speed Poker will keep players in action at anytime. Playing large player pools with instant fold enables to enjoy the exciting pace of speed poker without the need to wait for others to act.

How does Speed Poker work?

  • Joining a table enters into a large player pool
  • Players will have to face different opponents on every hand they play
  • Players can fold at anytime, even when it?s not your turn
  • After folding, you will move to other table to play a new hand


Here, we present some simple instructions to play SPEED POKER.

How to Play Speed Poker infographic

Players can increase their bankroll faster by playing SPEED POKER, but they must apply some vital strategies on the Speed Poker tables. Players can easily learn how to play speed poker game but winning at lightning fast tables is more demanding.

Speed Poker Tips

Fastest poker action at Speed Poker tables, available for Omaha and Texas Hold?em. Players can learn how to play this fast-paced poker variation, but not all the players can figure the winnings. For all the speedy players, we have listed few tips that helps in winning at Speed Poker tables.

Speed Fold

Tight is right in Speed Poker. Bad cards can be immediately folded and get whisked away to other table to face new opponents. Please don?t take time to think of playing the bad cards. Simply, speed fold until you get something to play.

Don?t Speed Fold

As most of your opponents will be playing tight, insta-folding with all but the good cards, if you skip that choice then your opponents will think that you have an unbeatable hand. Just increasing the value of your cards. Just call it a bluff, or a small adjustment to the fast-paced game. This is exactly opposite to the above point, but you must take vital decision on how to play as you move forward.

Bet from the Big Blind

In this position, you don?t have the Speed Fold option. But, if a player on button try stealing blinds then you can think that his hand value is low. You will find out if you raise.

Raise to Steal

The suggestion is same from the other side. If you think that you get past the Small and Big Blinds then make a raise. Those players will think that you have a killer hand and fold.

Don?t Get Involved With Marginal Hands

If Speed Poker table is full and you are not sure about hand, then simply select the Speed Fold option. If the seats are empty on the table, simply change the strategy.

Permit Aggressive Players to Bet into You When You Have Monster Hands

It?s not an easy thing to take note of your opponents because of the speed of Speed Poker, if you come up against an aggressive player, make sure you have some patience to draw him to your monster hand. If you win, you will win big.

Select Your Hands Wisely

Mistakes will be made by your opponents, and these mistakes will come in fast-pace than in a regular poker game. Play carefully with your own cards and have some patience while playing. Will moves will become erratic results.

Play Affordable Tables

While playing any type of poker, you just have to join cash tables that fits your bankroll. The major difference here is the game speed. If you are on losing side, chips will be depleted in less time. It?s better to try Speed Poker at low stakes and move ahead if you are okay with the game-pace.

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