Just enter into the casino floor, you will be fascinated by glitz and glamour of bright lights and players. Slot sounds emerging casino bonus games and the winners will pull you in one direction, and you will be attracted to the crowd at roulette table. The anticipated hope that the Lady Luck is on your side is exciting and thrilling. The next thing ever thought is surveillance cameras, they are capable of watching each and every move of everyone in the casino. These cameras are created using high technology, it can even zoom in and count the number of eyelashes you have.

Casino Security Cameras

George Orwell was leading of his time and somewhat of inspired Nostradamus in his book “19˘84”, which was published in the year 1949. The concept of “big brother” was not clear at that time but as the future unfolds there rings the truth of what else seemed a sci-fi fictional novel from an amazing writer who has a wild imagination. They look like innocent small bubble domed fixtures on the ceiling, but they function like a eye in the sky. There are several thousands of surveillance cameras on the casino floor which cover shops, restaurants, lounges and even parking lots. These are developed using advanced technology and can capture each and every move in the entire casino setting. These powerful cameras can move in 36ˆ0 degree rotation and zoom in and capture the serial number on a coin or the bill.  

Sophisticated software improves the capabilities of cameras with the help of digital technology. Each camera is connected to a recorder and tape that perfectly documents each second day or night, through the year. The Digital Software System permit security to fetch data history from archives within few seconds. And, these computer systems need little help from humans to keep a watchful eye on specific items or players.

The surveillance room is fully hidden from the general public, this room has TVs that are closely monitored by security team representatives along with a team who are specialized in cat walk observing. Additionally, there are plain clothed security members who walks on across the security floor.

The digital facial recognition technique is employed by all the casinos, which quickly identifies rogues, cheaters and the banned players. The players are monitored from the moment when they step into the casino, until they leave the casino.

Monitoring Casino Employees

A casino employee or staff or any member in the surveillance team is not allowed into the casino for a sex month period after quitting his job, and also they are not permitted to play in the casino where they have worked. The entire casino staff should where ID Cards when they enter into the casino, and the IDs are tracked by transmission readers who are responsible for recording their whereabouts. This data tells the management how long the employee is on break, how many times they have used restroom, their lunch time, and more. Also, it helps superior to find them in real time when they are not at the allocated work place at any time.

Dealer Surveillance

  • Management will always keep an eye on the tables with Pit bosses and also there will be supervisors for each floor who are responsible for watching dealers and players continuously. Also, the eye in the sky will watch everyone at the tables.
  • The dealer’s body language is resourceful in alerting the security team when something goes wrong at the table. In most of the cases, when the dealer realizes that he had done a mistake, his body movements have reflection, and can be considered as an indication of an error.
  • Dealer observation will be picked and noticed even when a small payout say 50 cents is offered to the players. If this happens, Pit boss is notified who allow player know and explain the mistake to dealer. In some cases, players are offered more money by the dealer, and the player has already left the casino, now a report is placed on dealer and kept on file.

Table Game Play Surveillance

A special thanks to the available sophisticated technology as there is an increase in the cheaters at table games. There are different programs that specialize in some areas and are skilled to capture any unauthorized or fraudulent activities.

These Surveillance systems include:

Reads and detects invisible ink signature or markings on the back of cards, which helps in preventing hand frorr played on a custom dealing device.

A known cheater or fraud person identified by facial recognition involves checking the surveillance footage. The employed software will check for the patterns linked to any accomplices that are identified.

The software is responsible for analyzing wide variety of game-play in the real time which include game speed, dealt cards per hour, the winning ratio of player. After thorough analysis, the software is capable of identify the trends that are out of the regular norms and alert security.

Casino Cashier Surveillance

The role of casino cashier is calculating and distributing money to the players continuously. If in case chips are stolen by the player and brought to cage for cash-out, here we have a software system to stop these malpractices. These chips are developed using top-notch advanced security mechanism implanted into the Radio Frequency Identification. When the cashier scans the stolen chip, he can instantly identify because RFID is disable for these chips.

Slot Surveillance

With the hep of sophisticated internal computer mechanisms within a slot machine, cheating or fraud is not seen in the casinos. This does not mean slots and video poker gaming section is away from the super powerful cameras. The most common cheating method applied by players is tripping the coin or counterfeit coins. This common cheating practice is greatly reduced by introducing amazing ticket in – ticket out vouchers. Contrary to the player’s thinking, it was developed for convenience, and specially to stop cheating in slots.

To get more information, please check out the below infographic.

Casino Surveillance Infographic

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