The History of Daily Fantasy Sports



From the GIs( private soldier in the US Army), assembling dream baseball teams in the trenches of WW II to the online operators trying to negotiate huge deals with the National Football League and National Basketball Association, Daily Fantasy Sports (aka DFS) has conquered the world in as much as 70 years.

It is absolutely befitting that DFS should have enjoyed its early success in San Francisco because it was technological advances made in the Silicon Valley, that has made way for the DraftKings & FanDuel to become the rivals of an emerging market in sports betting; and it is a market that is estimated to be $4 billion.

Moreover the fact that FanDuel is based in Scotland means that DFS is not only an American phenomenon. More importantly, with both the industry’s bigwigs about to start their operations in the UK looks like they are set out to conquer the global market in a decade.



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