The Most Important Gaming Platforms in 2016


Infographic: The Most Important Gaming Platforms in 2016 | Statista

To become a successful gaming platform, it?s important to be backed by developing community. After all, what good is good hardware if the creative games aren?t available on it? A survey conducted by organizers of Game Developers Conference, brings a light on the platforms developers are now supporting and which are occupying the second place.

PC occupies the front runner with respect to developer support. 52 are now working on games released on PCs. On the other hand, mobile devices have proved themselves as an ultimate viable gaming platform. Smartphones are amazing to developers due to wide range of audience that can be reached potentially. Virtual reality is emerging very quickly as an ultimate gaming platform of the future and has increased developer support thwn the last year.

Among the present generation of consoles, PlayStation 4 is loved by many developers. PS4 edges out Microsoft?s Xbox One, while Nintendo?s Wii U is ignored by the gaming community.

The below chart shows which gaming platforms are now getting the best support from game developers.

Source: Statista?

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