The Pokémon Hype Is Over – Nintendo Is Not

The Pokémon Hype Is Over – Nintendo Is Not

The game Pokémon Go became an instant hit the moment it was launched in the market. Many of the smart phone users in the world searched for Virtual monsters. And the stock price of Nintendo immediately sky rocketed. Then Nintendo immediately declared that the game’s developer “Niantic” profited the most from the success of Pokémon Go.

Four months later after the hype of Pikachu and Co. slowly died down, Nintendo’s stocks were still prized much higher than, before the Pokémon Go boom. That means that they had not died down. Among the many reasons that were accounted for this, were the 2 most important reasons.

Firstly, the company made it big, at the Apple’s big iPhone presentation in September, when the “Super Mario Run”, which is the first smartphone game which featured the iconic character, were very excited and pleased. Then after that episode, Nintendo unveiled its new and innovative hybrid console “switch” in October that year. And then it releases the NES classic Mini today. This proved to be a welcome cash cow for, Nintendo, the Japanese video game company. This is because; the smaller version of the NES console was sold out 4 months before its launch. This was much unexpected to the Japanese. Hence we can conclude that the Nintendo hype has not died down.

The Pokémon Hype Is Over – Nintendo Is Not


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