The Real Deal: Basic Casino Dealer Mechanics

The Real Deal: Basic Casino Dealer Mechanics


There is a difference between knowing how to play a game and knowing how to properly deal a game. ?The Real Deal infographic shows some of the basic skills casino dealers need to know. ?When dealing a game it is important to follow certain procedures to ensure the protection of the chips and of the cards. ?Procedure is also an important way for the Pit Boss or any new dealer coming to the table to know exactly where you are in the process. ??

????The way that you put cards on the table for the game of blackjack is similar to the way that you deal cards in most casino games. ?If you can master this procedure, you can easily step into dealing other games. ?You need to learn to use both hands equally and to never cross your hands. ?It is important to note that the cards must be clearly shown and it must be obvious whose cards are whose.

????The basic shuffle is different from what people learn at home, and can take practice to master. ?Shuffling happens on the table and not in the air. ?The key objective with this method is to not bend the cards or to expose them. ?

????As for chip management, the goal is to be able to protect the chips while being able to count swiftly. ?High values are always placed under the low values, and there are always 20 chips to a full stack. ?Whether you cut your stacks with a 4 or 5 count, it depends on the chip value. ??It?s also important to remember that all exchanges happen on the table, not in your hands.

????In the game of roulette, you are mostly dealing with chips. ?It is important to control the table with the marker, collect the losses first ? from the outside in, and then you pay last. ?Everything is done in a certain order, so that the pit boss or the camera can follow which bet you are paying.

????Craps follows a specific payout order as well. ?There are usually a lot of people placing bets on the table, and so following a specific order and placing people?s bets based on where they are standing is your key to success. ?Craps dealers switch positions every thirty minutes, and so it is important that at any time someone can replace you and know exactly whose bet is whose. ?Using the stick seems like it would be easy, but actually, it is not. ?Keeping it low to the table and using it to line up your dice is helpful. ?

???With hold?em poker, if you remember the procedures with blackjack, you are half the way there. ?The big difference is that the dealer button moves, and the first position changes. ?Protecting the cards is equally as important as protecting the chips.

???While most of these things are learned and practiced in dealer schools, this infographic is a good visual que to help you to remember what was learned. ?

The infographic can be purchased and downloaded here: ?

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Infographic created by artist ?MammaTrain?, Trina R Sellers. ?2016

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