Types of Bingo Games


Bingo is that exciting game which was most commonly played by women in their mid-ages but now has gone to a bigger chunk of people. Honestly, now, it is played by every age group of people. There were times when people had to play the bingo game by visiting a bingo hall but because the world is now much busy to ease it out the bingo game has gone online and is available 24×7 all around the world for people to play in their free time. With the bingo games going online there are huge numbers of people logging in to play and simply because of that are several websites are developing every minute of the day.


To make the bingo game even more exciting inventors have come up with different variants of it. Over ages, each of the variants have also been modified and again sub divided into different other types and it is quite enthusiastic to see it grow so much. This article is to give you a gist about the several types of bingo games out there in the market waiting for you.

As said earlier there are various types of bingo games available online but the most preferred variants of bingo games are 75-ball bingo and 90-ball bingo. There isn’t much of a difference between these two exotic bingo games except that the total numbers on each ticket or card differ and the grids in which the numbers are positioned. The game 75-bingo is very popularly played by the people in the US and the 9-ball bingo is played by the people in UK.

In all of the variants of bingo games the common winning pattern is by getting a Full-House. Other ways you can win the games are by the number of lines you get and there are many other winning combinations when you play the bingo games online with the Full-House winning being the most time consuming or the longest winning time of all the other types because of the huge list of numbers, but hey, if you heard the proverb “it is worth the wait”, it definitely is worth the wait because none of the other patterns of winning gets you a bigger prize than the Full-House.


The advantage of playing the 90-ball or 75-ball bingo game is that you can buy multiple cards or tickets but to kind of differentiate the two, in the 90-ball bingo, there are three winners in a single game and has amazing prizes for each of the three winners and there are three patterns to win which are by getting 1-line, 2-lines or a Full-House.

Other types of bingo games are called the 80-ball, 50-ball, 40-ball, 30-ball bingo and Swedish bingo. Out of all the 30-ball bingo is the most fastest bingo game of all because there are just 30 numbers printed on the bingo cards and so the numbers could all be checked out really quickly. Each of these games have different winning patterns and it is suggested that you check out the rule book to get to know all the patterns before you start playing and start winning.

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