There are many misconceptions and myths that surround people about the way online slots work. Perhaps you are one of them who want to make money from an online slot, playing at but you have absolutely no idea how to operate and where to start with.

The Random Number Generator (RNG)

There is a computer component called as the Random Number Generator that is present in every online slot. Its main purpose is to create random sequences in millisecond intervals throughout the day, every day. These RNGs always produce different and random series of numbers each time you click the bet max button or the spin button.

How the RNG works

It is to be borne in mind that the slot games do not have memory. It does not know if you have just hit a jackpot or you have stayed all day without a single win. Your fate is in the hands of some mathematical equations. The moment you initiate a  play sequence it is immediately decided up on by the RNG. the RNG spits out whole numbers at the rate of Hundreds per second.

How do video slots work

The video slots feature 50 individual paylines on average. And sometimes even more than 100. When you hit the play button, the programs draw 5 random numbers each on every reel. Now the reel numbers will stop depending up on the numbers that they have been assigned by the RNG. The system then quickly calculates the mathematics behind your loss or win once the last reel stops. The prizes are automatically and instantly summed up to your balance.

Benefits of RNGs

Now you can be rest assured that the outcome of every spin that you make here is different and independent from the previous result. The RNG software is thoroughly tested before use, so as to ensure that the outcomes are not manipulated. They are thus safe and fair. The reputable gambling sites will have their RNGs certified by Technical Systems Testing (TST).

Types of slot games

-> 3 reel slot games

This is the simplest of all the slot games and it is also referred to as the single line slot machine. Another reference to the game is the popular one armed bandits. This name is derived from the old mechanical slot machines that had a lever to be pulled to start the spin.

-> Video slot game or multiple reel slot

This game is another type of online slot game. This has at least five reels. These online casino games are referred to as 5 reel slots many times. The images, sounds and graphics of video slots are sophisticated, attractive and they are designed to enhance the overall experience of the game.

-> Bonus slot game

These slots are characterized by the incorporation of a bonus game round. The bonus game round is triggered by some symbols and combinations on an active payline. The bonus games that are incorporated are normally designed to complement the game’s theme with vivid sound effects and graphics that bring these slots to life.

-> Free spins slot game

Many punters love to play the online slots that have free spins. It is because they believe that these are loose games that give a better payout due to more number of spins for the bet. The free spin feature on some online slot games allow you to spin the reels for free of cost when some symbols land on appropriate paylines, thus triggering more free spins.

-> X of Y bonus slot game

These slots are rewards that you can get by having a certain number of particular symbols on the reels. This is different from the free bonus slots wherein the X of Y bonus feature occurrence does not depend on the position of the reel after spinning, but after attaining the required number of a certain symbol on different screen.

-> Multi-Level Bonus slot game

This is another popular destination for many online slot players. This slot has a number of levels and each level offers the opportunity to win increased rewards and profits.  

-> Progressive Jackpot slot game

These slots offer its players the opportunity to cash in big. The jackpots grow typically to reach hundreds of thousands of dollars. These games can be very rewarding and quite enticing for the online slot players who like to bet big time as the progressive payouts are awarded to only maximum bet spins.

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