The slots are a game of pure luck and they cannot be manipulated to produce  wins, no matter what you have read or heard.


But there are certain things which can be done to make sure that you have a good chance of winning when you are enjoying the game.

Here is a list of our top slot tips:

  • Even before you start playing determine what your bankroll will be and ensure you stick to it so that you do not lose money which you cannot afford to lose. It is recommended that you open a separate account bank account for gambling purposes so that you do not utilize your personal funds. And web wallets are meant for this purpose.
  • While choosing an online casino, apart from researching their reputation you also have to research their payout odds on slots. This differs slightly from casino to casino and precisely this increases your winning chances.
  • You must choose your slot wisely. The payouts are proportional to the  number of reels a game has. And do remember that the Progressives have more payouts and lower returns than the regular slots.
  • First of all read the rules for each machine, so that you are aware of the terms. They will help you understand the bonus rounds and paylines so that you can leverage the maximum of these on each bet.
  • Always bear in mind the min number of coins and the denomination of these coins on a machine and make sure that you bet the maximum on the machines so as to activate all of the paylines. This means to say that you must pick a game that you can afford so that you do not miss out on the jackpot just because you did not play at max bet.
  • Slots wagering accounts for the biggest percentage towards wagering requirements on the bouses, so bear this in mind when you claim the bonus. And as a first step read the terms and conditions.
  • The slot machines run on Random Number generator (RNG) so do not become sentimental and superstitious about any machine. And if you are a losing streak, switch to something else. Your luck may change here.
  • You need to develop a pattern wherein you bet bigger amounts while you are winning, and you have to switch to lower amounts while you are losing. By doing so you can extend your playing time and stretch your bankroll more and this gives you more chances of winning.
  • Know when to quit: By this way you will not lose money you do not have or keep the money you win.

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