This infographic is all about a complete guide on BINGO CALLS, and it’s created by? Want to know the NICKNAME for every bingo ball number? Check out this fantastic collection from the above infographic. You will find short descriptions for bingo balls from 1 to 99. If you are a bingo game lover, please share Read More


Bingo Calls ? A Complete Guide

Are you an online or mobile bingo player? Want to know nick names for bingo numbers? This infographic presents complete information about bingo ball numbers and their nick names. When you are playing bingo, the numbers called out will be mentioned by its nick name through an audio alert, and then the real number is Read More


Interesting Facts About Bingo Game

Winning impressive jackpots is the main reason why most of the players are attracted to play bingo game. Also, it is proved that playing bingo game offers some mental health benefits. Learn some interesting facts about bingo from this infographic and share with your friends. Source: Free Bingo No Deposit Games


Top 10 Casino Games

Casino games are played by wide range of people from all over the world. Check out the top 10 casino games that are mostly played and enjoyed. Poker ? This is an exciting card game on a 5 card hand. Craps ? It is an energetic dice game based on 7. You will have to Read More


30+ Top Bingo Infographics

You might have learned how to play bingo, when you are in the school. But, the excitement and fun of bingo is now moved to electronic bingo and online bingo. Today, bingo is played by wide range of people and new players register every day. Mobile gaming is becoming popular among youngsters as they can Read More

Top 20 Bingo Facts

Top 20 Bingo Facts

Bingo, it is preferred to play in the pastime by wide range of people. In this technological world, online bingo formed its own effective niche: more than 80% of bingo players are showing interest to play online bingo. Among them, 50% of players play minimum of 3 hours per day online. Players can take part Read More

Bingo Infographics

Top 5 Findings About Online Bingo Players

OhMyBingo, this is an online bingo review and comparison site. They conducted survey of UK Bingo Players and reveals some interesting facts, which are presented in the infographic. Here, you will see the typical playing habits and preferences of online bingo customers. Source: Oh My Bingo