LOTTERY – The Comprehensive Guide on Lottery Game With Eye-Catching Infographics

Lottery is a type of gambling. It is still illegal in few countries but people can?t resist the temptation of trying their luck as the outcome would be astonishing if they are lucky. It is not illegal in some countries like Mexico as they have dedicated buildings that run lottery gambling all day and in Read More


Luckiest UK Cities

Did you know that players from London are more likely to win lottery than players from Stoke on Trent? Or half of the total lottery winners return to their work? This infographic is all about the luckiest cities in United Kingdom, presents top 10 most luckiest cities and also top 10 lest luckiest cities in Read More

Lottery Statistics

The Real Cost Of playing Lottery

Source Are you interested in playing the lottery?? Learn your winning odds. Most of the people who play lottery are reoccurring players, means a very small percentage of people make up bulk of ticket sales. These people buy tickets and spend several hundreds of dollars every year with a dream of winning big.

Luckiest Lottery Numbers

Luckiest Lottery Numbers In The World

Source This infographic is all about the luckiest lottery numbers in the world. The result of a study from 7 international lotteries states which numbers have been drawn most and also least. It was said that number 13 is unlucky but this superstition was now proved.??LottoLand have investigated frequency of lottery numbers drawn at international Read More