Top Irish Poker Players

This infographic is all about top 10 Irish players according to their live cashes. It?s the closest we can get to compiling an amazing list of top live players. The complete information was compiled from Hendon mob website, and this infographic is created by? If you want to have the same success, check our site, Read More



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Emoticons for the Poker Player

Emoticons for the Poker Player

For all the online poker game fans, we miss the chance to share our love on game with fellow players. In some cases, words will not be enough to communicate our zeal while playing poker online. And, we need some expressions, Emoticons,?fun and entertainment. Emoticons?are mandatory to show our triumph or loss, emotions showing tools Read More


The Average Poker Player

Most of them think that an? average poker player will have only one look, whose favorite pass time is partying and throwing money around (like the notorious poker playboy ? Dan Bilzerian), but you will be surprised to know that this not always the case. Check out the above infographic, it has complete information of Read More


15+ Latest and the Ultimate Poker Infographics – The Best Poker Guide Ever

Introduction to Poker Game Poker is one of the most popular card games and is widely accepted by players from all over the world. With its growing popularity, we can say that millions of players play poker game every day. It?s an ultimate game to hang out with your friends and family members. The word Read More


The Best Guide to Use Poker Chips While Playing at a Casino

Poker is the most popular gambling game across the world. Playing a friendly game at your home is completely different from play at a casino. If you want to move up and want to play at next level, you need to know some basic poker chip etiquette. The basics of poker chips The color of Read More


The Role of Gender in Poker

Poker is mostly considered as a man?s game but continues to gain huge craze among the fairer sex. Many female gamers have experienced sexism while playing the game, but is there any merit to idea that male and female play differently? The average ratio of men to women playing poker game is 8:1 Only 12.5 Read More



Dr. Tricia Cardner: After dealing with hundreds of poker players, I have noticed number of mental game problems and leaks. It?s easy to fix some of these problems than others, being aware of them will get you on track to deal effectively with them. Check out how many of these are affecting your game. Ignoring Read More