1. Founded in 1992
  2. License: messenger of official licensed lotteries
  3. Min deposit: $10
  4. US players are accepted
  5. Restricted countries: Yemen, N. Korea, Nigeria and Morocco

This Australian casino has a long drawn history and offers some of the largest jackpots and most popular game play. This casino has a lot of money to offer to its players. This casino is administered by Tattersall and is supervised by the Australian govt. to ensure fair game play. The money obtained from this casino is used for social purposes. According to reliable sources this lottery is the best in the world. The rules of the game are simple like the other lotteries. If we win the jackpot we can amass huge amounts of money that the other people in the history have amassed. The Australian betting organization strongly recommends this game to us through the week or even once a week.


To enrich our experience as a player, newly registered players are offered 100% double deposit bonus. If we deposit funds in the first 7 days of registration then our funds will be matched. This is a great way to not only double our bonus but in essence we can double our chance of winning a jackpot.


Our entries must be placed in the Oz Powerball before 8 pm on Thursday. In the Oz Powerball we have to select 6 standard numbers between 1 and 40 and also a Powerball number between 1 and 20. The 6 standard numbers will be drawn from a pool of 40 balls and the Powerball will be drawn from a pool of 20 balls. To win the prize we only need to match 2 standard numbers and the Powerball. There are various levels of prizes going all the way up to the jackpot also known as the first division. After the draw, Oz Lotteries will send us a mail intimating us about the winning numbers and whether we have won a prize.


The multi-state lottery association maintains strict security procedures to protect and safeguard the confidentiality of the visitor information. The players must abide by the privacy policies and have access to visitor information only for business purposes. If any player or employee is found in violation of the security policy then disciplinary actions could be taken. Information collected by Multi-State lottery association is not sold outside of the Multi-State lottery association.