Casino Gambling By Celebrities

Celebrity Gambling

Celebrity Gambling


Most of the people are addicted to gambling for different reasons. It is an entertainment option as well as the easy money making option. Even celebrities try their luck by gambling at casinos. This infographic presents information about celebrity gambling and their issues.

NBA player Michael Jordan lost millions by placing bets on golf matches. Tobey Maguire who essayed ?Spider Man? role is a poker pro, and was sued for playing Poker games and winning them illegally. Marge Simpson from the comedy sitcom ?The Simpsons? enjoys gambling. Ben Affleck – an addicted gambling player.

Paris Hilton was banned from casino after losing $125,000 Bentley. Hugh Hefner – playboy creator, plays poker game for charity purpose. Celebrities rehab for their gambling addiction.

Finally, gambling should be only for fun and entertainment but not for making money, and it is dangerous if you are addicted.

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