Gambling: Battle Of Sexes

Battle Of Sexes

Battle Of Sexes


Women have difefrent habits to men, and not just in case of shopping! This can be seen clearly in gambling industry, as women adopt difefrent behaviors than blokes. Women across the world are performing better than their male counterparts in gambling. The infograph developed by Jackpot247 presents the best answer.

Women start gambling at much younger age than men, most common ages for women and men are 29 and 33 respectively. Also, women gamble more often than men.

The stats state that men opt for specific casino games more often than women do, and vice versa. The most commonly played casino games are slot machines, bingo and scratch cards.

In United Kingdom, 2.5 million women gamble in some form or the other and 8,000 less than the number of men enjoy. In terms of percentages, 0.02% difference is there in between mean and women who gamble, and the difference is very little while place bets at casinos.

Thus, we can say that men are no better than women at gambling.

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