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Introduction to Poker Game


Poker is one of the most popular card games and is widely accepted by players from all over the world. With its growing popularity, we can say that millions of players play poker game every day. It?s an ultimate game to hang out with your friends and family members.

The word poker is searched over 1 million times in a day. With the increase in demand, poker is made available online as well as on Smartphones. The game combines tactical challenges with psychological elements. This is a strategy game, but also social and human. Fun will be more, if the number of players involved in playing the game is more.

Most of the people think that poker is a game of luck but it?s not. The two important things that help in winning the game are poker strategy and skill, which influence the outcome of the game. You need lots of skill and talent to play online poker game, here ? you don?t just play your cards but you must analyze and counter to your opponents.

In this poker game, two cards are offered to player (known as hand cards) and five cards are dealt on table. The winner is one who is having the best combination of five cards at the end of game.

Is Poker Just a Game of Luck?


As in every card game where you will get new cards from a shuffled deck of cards, and there is some luck involved in poker. In the long run, luck in online poker game equals itself out ? Luck will be more in a single hand than when you play 1000 hands.

Strategic aspects of poker triumph in the long run:

  • What are the card combinations you should play with?
  • What is the betting amount?
  • When to fold the hand?
  • When to bluff and when is your opponent bluffing?

There are many experts who make their living by playing poker game. You need different skills to master poker game ? knowledge on basic strategies, mathematical considerations, analyzing opponents and more.

The Best Rules to Win Poker Game

The name poker is given to the number of card games where players will wager on strength of the cards. Poker rules involves a common pot consisting player?s wages, offered to the players who holds top ranking hand when all cards are shown, or makes a wager which opponents are loath to match.

Poker games vary in the number of cards dealt, hand rankings used, no of betting rounds offered, the no of available hidden and shared cards, and the betting methods to be followed. The winner of each hand of poker is the player holding top ranking hand when all the cards are shown, and this is called as showdown. Or, player making the final uncalled bet wins without the need to reach showdown.

Typically, poker games bring out a force bet, like Big Blind and Small Blind in Holdem or Ohama or Antest and Bring-In in stud. This forced bet has starting point in any hand of poker, and is first enticing players had to win the hand. Action coming up from subsequent betting rounds will increase the pot size.

Poker Tips and Tactics

Players should know that poker is easy to learn but difficult to master. It is fun and challenging to master a poker game. The poker strategy basics and poker rules include many concepts that should be combined consistently to become a successful player. Players should be strong at following poker strategy concepts:

  • Tight Play
  • Random Play
  • Aggressive Play
  • Getting benefit out of opponent?s mistake

Make sure to keep these concepts in your mind to develop as a poker player.

Poker Strategy Considerations

Vital Decisions for New Poker Player

First, decide whether you want to play poker game for fun or want to make money. Both time and effort is required to play at consistently winning level. The game can be played for fun and entertainment purpose, but there is no reason to lose money, even if want to play for fun. So, deciding which type of poker player before playing the game will make your gaming sessions better.

Take Some Good Decisions that Helps in Winning the Game

Even the experts or top poker players across the world will have losing sessions. Please don?t expect to win the game every time you play. Aim to do your best in each and every gaming session. This way, your cards and winnings will take care of themselves as you move forward. Most of the poker players make the same mistake of judging their ability by considering the results on each session. Play your best in each gaming session, and the results will be successful.

Poker Mathematics

Poker is a mathematical game with incomplete information. This may sound complicated, but in reality it?s true. At basic level, winning poker game is based on the selection of the starting hands to play. If you enter the pot with best possible hand frequently than your opponents, you will win the game many times.

Beyond Starting Hands

First, starting hand selection is important, but it?s a single poker strategy puzzle. If you have mastered starting hands tips and understand how they change your position on the table, next work on playing for the rest of the hand. The area splitting professional players from novice players or beginners is experts tend to play much better than opponents during remainder of hand, after making starting hand decisions. This is true about the decisions made at the end of every hand. The skills include calculating pot odds, bluffing, recognizing betting patterns and using position. Several years of practice is required to master the middle and end game play with great effort, because the small development in the ability of players will have fantastic effect on the lifetime winnings of the players.

Please Avoid Tilt

The meta-skill is a part of player?s winning poker strategy, and it should be avoided. Opponents will use your emotions, only if you allow them. Emotional play is highly dangerous and results in poor decision making and losing huge money. Tilting and streaming may happen to everyone, and the best thing you should do is ? take a break.

Poker for Beginners

Most of the people have common misconception that poker is a game of chance and they will lose money. But, it?s not true. Learning video poker game might be easy but it requires lots of hard work and several hours of time to master the game. Poker is a strategic game involving mind presence and right decision making skills. None of them can beat you, if you have right attitude and the video poker gaming skills.

Make Your Living by Playing Poker Game

Most of the people make their living by playing poker game. Poker is a strategy game that can be learnt easily and applied perfectly. Knowing the strategy, skill and awareness on when to play and when to quit, you will see stack of chips at your side. It?s a game, and you must realize that you will not win all the time. You may also have bad hands, so you must know when to pull out. Finally, apply right strategies at the right time to win the game, and make your living by playing poker.

The Best Habits of Professional Poker Players

Are you a professional poker player? All the poker players must possess some qualities to become an effective poker player. These qualities are same for both cash game players as well as tournament players. Check out these qualities:


Each poker player should focus and view his sight on the game. If you want to play live at a casino, players should concentrate on poker game, instead watching cricket on TV or checking the cocktail waitress. Similarly, while playing online, don?t talk to the phone or browse the web. Being focus will direct poker players to do their best.


The effective poker players must be goal-oriented to be on the winning side of the game. These poker players should track each detail and perfect deadlines to make effective use of money and also the time. If you are following this approach, a capable player should take the lead by representing his abilities, and even bluffing if it is required. Thus, an enthusiastic player should not be just a follower and doesn?t allow their opponents to control the action on the table.

Highly Disciplined

High discipline is mandatory for a poker player, and they should have control on themselves and should act with correctness. Discipline makes a poker player to follow a standard play thereby road blocking the kind to distract in a wrong play. All the disciplined poker players will know what to do? When to do? How to do? Acknowledging the game rules.


Did you hear this universal saying ? ?Leading in Tough Times is Worthwhile?? In the same way, a professional poker player is the one who will lead in good times as well as in difficult times. Also, you will come across poker players who end up losing more than their winnings made. So, being mentally strong helps a player to be strong and overcome bad beat calmly, and do best when things are going unfavorable.


Intelligence at poker tables is nothing but the mathematical side of the game. Though some poker players are good in mathematics when compared to other players, but the probabilities will be same for everyone. Players should have enough practice before playing the real tournament to strive and be strong and against odds. They should view the loss as a chance to improve their poker skills.


Here, fearless is nothing but the strength of poker player. A poker player is said to be fearless only when he or she don?t allow fear to overcome their decisions. The fearful players are known as sitting duck in poker not for holding their patience waiting for the best cards to fall, but for their in ability to take suitable decisions in a timely manner. Hence, poker players should take right moves instead of thinking about unnecessary things or the tension about losing money.

Perfectly Balanced Life

Most of the successful poker players who take up poker as full-time career don?t treat it as a significant and reliable job. If a recreational player aim to master the game, then the player has to play willingly as well as forcefully to make a happy livelihood. Players should maintain a perfectly balanced life between poker life and personal life by handling relationships and social life perfectly outside of poker.

List of Poker Games


Now, you can enjoy your favorite poker games with thousands of other players around the clock on all the reputed gaming websites.

Texas Holdem

Today, Texas Poker is the most popular and preferred poker game online. Each player is offered two hole cards, five community cards are dealt on board, and there are about four betting rounds. If the game goes to showdown then top hand wins the pot. Texas Poker Games are the famous poker variations and it refers to Texas Holdem Poker when someone talks about poker.


It?s the second most famous variation of all the poker card games. This game is same as Texas Holdem but with two exceptions ? Each player is offered four hole cards and two cards should be used together with three community cards to make a five-card poker hands. This game is mostly played as pot limit or fixed limit.

Omaha Hi-Lo

In Hi-Lo games, half pot is won by the one who shows down the lowest poker hands. Straights and flushes are ignored in low hands, so in Omaha Hi-Lo the least possible hand is A234. A low hand will not have any card over eight (It?s known as eight-or-better). The whole pot is won by the highest hands when there is no low hand.

Seven Card Stud

It?s the most traditional game in United States. Here, each player is offered two hidden cards and one open card. Now, each player will get three more open cards successively and a last card facing down. In this game, we have a total of five betting rounds.

Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo

This game I s same as Seven-Card Stud, only the lowest hand wins half of the pot. Th eleast possible hand is A2345, despite of suits. There?s a qualifier for low hands like on Omaha Hi-Lo. They will not have any card over eight. When there is no hand, the whole pot is offered to the one who is having highest hand.


The short name for Seven Card Stud Low is Razz. This game is played same as Seven Card Stud, and the whole pot is offered to the lowest hand. Here, high hands will not be counted. There is no qualifier on low hands so we don?t have high hands in Razz. This game can be accessed only as a real money game online.

Crazy Pineapple

This game has become highly popular in the last couple of years. In this game, each player is offered three hole cards. When the betting on flop is completed, each of the remaining players must discard a card. From there, the game is played like Texas Holdem Poker.

Five-Card Stud

In 5 Stud or Five-Card Stud, each player is offered one open card and one card face down. Now, three more open cards are dealt successively to each player, with betting in between, for four betting rounds. The highest hand will get the pot.

Five-Card Draw

5 Draw or Five-Card Draw is a classic poker game, and it?s a simple poker game. Each player is dealt five cards facing down. After betting for one round, each of the remaining players can discard any number of cards and can draw the exact number of cards from deck. Then, we have last betting round and a showdown.

2-7 Triple Draw

The popularity of this poker game is seen lately, and is not only with the high-stakes of experts. The game is same like Five Card Draw, but players will draw three cards than drawing for one time. Here, the whole pot is offered to the lowest hand. ?Aces count as the straights and high cards are not ignored. The lowest hand in 2-7 triple draw is 2-3-4-5-7, which explains the game name.

A-5 Lowball

The game is played same as 2-7 Triple Draw, except that aces are low and straights are ignored. Players will hold five hidden cards and can exchange any number of cards for three times. The best hand is A-2-3-4-5.


These games are known as MIXED GAMES, and they are the best poker games according to poker experts. On the whole, you can put any poker games and name them according to abbreviations for the games:

A = Omaha, H = Holdem, O = Omaha high/low, S = seven card stud, E = seven card stud high/low (Eight or better), R = Razz, T = triple draw.

Most of the people prefer to read infographics as only the vital information is presented precisely and effectively. To get more information on poker game, please check out these amazing infographic designs on poker game.

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