Can You Beat Roulette with a Computer?

Can You Beat Roulette with a Computer

Roulette computers are all the rage these days. You are bound to hear how wonderful these devices are especially if you play roulette regularly. A demo video of one is below.

If you are still exploring how these things work, you can scan through the next sections as we discuss how these things could help you beat roulette.


Can Roulette Computers Help You Win?

The science behind beating roulette with computers is not that mysterious. They have been around for ages and they have gone through much development over the years. From simple archaic computers to more advanced gadgets that come with cool features, these computers have gone through so many changes.

These computers are very helpful to anyone who plays roulette because it can simplify things. Players who used to bet on black or red slots or odd and even numbers made better bets with these computers.


When you are attacking roulette wheels with a strategy backed by science, you would have to compute stuff. Computers can make the computation part easier for you. This allows you to bet on the spot as long as you know the basics especially the speed of the ball and the wheel.

In just a few seconds, the roulette computer can use all the inputs required. So, the quick answer if these roulette computers work would be yes.

In fact, there has been a documentary detailing how computers can help players win. In this documentary, it was seen that the player edge is higher in roulette when players make use of a computer.

A lot of professionals who turn to these cool gadgets to make more accurate bets. These computers are so effective that many casinos ban their use. Any player who is suspected of getting some help from these gadgets may be banned from casinos.

Aside from that, certain precautions may also be implemented to ensure that the player with the computer would stop winning. These barriers would be erected right away.

Casinos may instruct the croupier to declare no more bets earlier than usual. This way, it would be more difficult for anyone who is using a computer to do a precise bet on the roulette table. But as much as possible, casinos do not like calling the bets off early since it means lower profits for them.

The only way how casinos will be onto you is if you are winning too much in a blatant way. Discretion is the key. You need learn how to beat and win roulette without the casino knowing.

How to Test Roulette Computers

Just like any kind of gadget, you need to test roulette computers. These computers are not all the same and if you are shopping for one, you need to make sure that it works.

Given how these computers are treated as the magic wand for roulette, you need to be sure that you pick the best one. Hence, you should test it. There are no definite guidelines when you are testing the computer that you are planning to use, but we will give you an overview of the basics.

Observe roulette spins: If you want to be good at roulette, you need to be a keen observer. This is the boring part because you would have to sit tight and keep tabs on the wheel. You need to look into at least 200 roulette spins. You could get the video footage for roulette spins or purchase one.

Compare accuracy between systems: When you are shopping for the best strategy out there, it also makes sense if you could use another strategy and compare it to how effective your computer is. This can be very effective if you are comparing the accuracy between the two. This is really a cool strategy if you have many options open to you.

Know the Computer’s Logic: One thing that you have to look into when you are in the process of shopping for a roulette computer, you need to know how it works. You should learn the principle behind that computer. This will allow you to see at first glance if the roulette computer would help you beat roulette. Be sure that it accounts for the speed of the wheel and of the ball.

Test the Roulette Computer Yourself: We know how sales people talk, they could bring the dead alive with their gift of gab. The same goes for the way they try to sell you roulette computers. You cannot rely on what the seller is saying. You should try out the computer yourself and see if it is as accurate in predicting the winning slot as promised.

How to Ensure That Roulette Computers Works

Reliance on roulette computers is a good strategy. Even if you are still learning how to play roulette, you can give these gadgets a try to augment your winnings.

The strategy that you need to bet roulette easily requires technology although you can train yourself on seeing the wheels the way the computer does. Either way, you have to stick to a strategy backed by Physics to make sure that it will help you win roulette.

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