Casinos Might Replace Slot Machines With Video Game Machines



The revenue through slot machines in American casinos has been dropping steadily since last few years. And since majority of the revenue for casinos come from slot players, this is bad news for casinos. The reason behind this is that majority of people above 50 yrs of age prefer slot machines and people who visit Las Vegas are mostly less than 50 years of age.

And predominantly, the Casinos are filled with slot machines thus posing a risk of running a loss of revenue. Today’s youth prefer a complicated type of video entertainment. The percentage of people visiting Las Vegas for gambling has dropped by 15% in the past few years.

To woo more people to gamble in Casinos the casinos are trying different and new ways of gambling. One company called GameCo has a new solution to this problem. They have created a new video game called “Video Game Gambling Machine” or VGM. And this is just the type of replacement the Casinos are looking to procure. The people can gamble on VGM and take their

money depending upon their skill level. The players can play different games in this VGM.

The video games that can be played are “racing”, “first person shooters”, “fighting”, “sports”,

“puzzle games”, “hidden object”, “match3” and “MOBA( Multiplayer Online Battle Arena)”.

75% of US Gambling revenue comes from slot machine. US casinos have made 71.1 Billion Dollars in 2015. The percentage of total revenue from gambling in 1990 is 58% and in 2014 it

Is 37%. The percentage of visitors who gambled in Las Vegas in 1990 is 87% and in 2014 it is


SOURCE: Forbes

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