Five Hottest Girls in Casino Movies

five hottest casino actresses

Do you remember the times when casino movies were out of the reality? People watched these films with enjoyment, eye-catching interiors, best high-rollers, wily criminals and the super hottest women. Today, the real and land-based casinos are not much popular as online platforms. According to the online casino guide, for about 1,200,000 people select playing games at virtual casinos just because of their easy availability. But, we still love to watch those old casino movies to feel the ream atmosphere. And, these five charming ladies will remain in your heart forever.

Ginger McKenna (Casino, 1995)

Ginger McKenna

Martin Scorsese film casino is a true story based on Las Vegas gold digger, well showed by Sharon Stone. Charming Ginger had top-notch skills to lying. She is an amazing Master Manipulator, good thief, and a super duper women. We admire the way she takes vital decisions and take benefit out of each and every situation. It?s easy to fall for her. She was nominated for OSCAR for her performance in the film.

Sera (Leaving Las Vegas, 1996)


A suicidal alcoholic John visits Vegas to drink more and more to death. On that night, he come across a charming beautiful women named Sera. She turns out to be a hooker. The feeling between them is unique love. Now, the couple will do an odd deal to make their living ease. The film shows couple of happy days before John?s death. I bet you can?t take your eyes off from Sera, she is pretty and catches your attention from the first sight and keeps it until the end. If you have not watched this film, make sometime and watch it, definitely you will enjoy watching film.

Lorraine (Swingers, 1996)

Lorraine (Swingers, 1996)

A super comedy tells us about the lifestyle of unemployed actors. One from this unemployed gang meets flirty Lorraine in the bar. She don?t follow any rules while dating. She has a very bad experience with love and her aim is not to let anyone break the heart once again. Heather Graham delivered outstanding performance. You will just fall in love with this amazing, pretty, beautiful lady. She was nominated for number of awards for her performance, but sadly she didn?t receive any.

Isla Lund (Casablanca, 1942)

Isla Lund (Casablanca, 1942)

An iconic casino movie and the most popular of all time. Ingrid Bergman and her Isla brought her insane famous. This actress received the world?s prestigious Oscar award for her performance. Her heroine is an eye-catching beautiful young woman who falls in love with a cafe owner. Now the adventure starts. The film looks more interesting and engaging after its colorization in 80s. If you get sometime, watch the film again.

Vesper Lynd (Casino Royale, 2006)

Vesper Lynd (Casino Royale, 2006)

The last one is Vesper, played by stunning Eva Green. She works as an agent for HM Treasury to supervise bond and finance him in the poker game.

All these films have an exciting and interesting plot. You will not get bored watching them again and again.

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