How to Make Going Back to Uni More Fun and Exciting


We’re at that ‘special’ time of year again which all students are looking forward to: going back to university! But all kidding aside, even though you know you’d have to work on those books all over again, uni isn’t all that bad. It doesn’t have to be all fire and brimstone – in fact, your time in uni could very well be the best time in your life! Here’s how to make going back to uni more fun and exciting.

The familiar comforts

When you go back to uni, it wouldn’t hurt to bring all those familiar ‘comforts of home’ with you – be it some home-made food that your mum cooks expressly for your consumption, a favourite photo album or scrapbook, or a few other mementos that you know will warm your heart. Keeping something familiar and comforting is a great way to begin your life at university once again.

It’s well worth being organised

If you are having a bit of difficulty facing the fact that you have to go back to university, why not try to become more organised? Mind you, this won’t take up too much time and effort, either. All you have to do is set up a schedule which you can realistically follow, and make use of certain invaluable tools such as a calendar. You can even create your own ‘fun’ calendar which you can fill up not only with school and report deadlines, but also with social events and happenings.

Start a coin bank

We’re serious – starting a coin bank by saving all those pennies will help you have a better time at uni. How so? Well, once you count all your loose change and pennies after a while, you would be surprised at how much it can add up. You can then treat yourself to a well-deserved night out or two. One additional tip: to add to your savings, why not play some bingo online?


There are bingo sites where you can play for free, or, if you have some extra quid, you can play bingo for some fabulous jackpot prizes. When you win, you can use the cash to buy yourself something nice – or have a wonderful night with your mates.


As mentioned, it definitely pays to be organised. But one other way to become more organised is to de-clutter. Yes, the idea of de-cluttering may not sound fun and exciting, but think of it this way: by organising your belongings and getting rid of things you don’t need, you can de-clutter and organise your mind as well. Besides, you can also try selling items you no longer need to earn a few additional quid.

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