SpelPressen.se is a provider of news and reviews about everything that concerns the gaming industry. This includes casino, bingo, betting and anything in between. From lotto tickets to live casino we will help you to succeed. Our goal is to educate you in every aspect of the industry so that you make good choices based on honest reviews and unbiased opinions. Whether it´s time for your first online casino experience or if you are a seasoned player SpelPressen.se will have something for you. No news are too small or too big.

On our website you will find interesting and fun news about what´s going on in the world of gaming and gambling. We tell you about everything that we find interesting or worth to know through the different channels presented below.

Casino reviews: Interesting new online casino games are released all the time and it´s sometimes hard to know which ones you should try out and which ones to avoid. That´s why SpelPressen.se will do that for you, so we can save you the trouble of finding out for yourself and potentially lose money. We are happy to try as many new slots and games as we can manage so that we can give you the insights you need to understand what to look for and what to avoid when going through the vast number of different online games that exists today.

Reports: We deliver hard facts together with personal thoughts in our effort to give you the answers to relevant questions. In our special reports we take our time to really give you the best suggestions on how to play. For example, we will show you the best strategies when playing certain slots and show you how to do it for best results. We get the answers to questions about certain game types as well as specific games or lotto tickets.

Blog: Through our blog we deliver all different kinds of thoughtful insights and news that will either help you when playing or just entertain you with interesting and funny thoughts. We live-stream when we try out slots for hours every week and let you in to be with us live. Here you get the chance of chatting directly with us, bring up any question you like and get the answer live.

Podcasts: Through this media we further discuss what is happening in the online gaming business. No scripts, just experts talking about just about anything they feel like, entertaining and educational for any online player.

Who are we

We are experts in our field and as such we feel the urge to share our knowledge and our insights with others. We are unique in the fields of casino, bingo, live casino, Roulette and Black Jack etc. and our goal is to help other players in whatever way we can through our website and live-streamed media. The gaming industry is gigantic and as there are both good guys and bad, we truly aim at being as good as possible for the players. We are not tied to any single online casino or game provider and therefore we have the unusual possibility to provide players with honest thoughts and advice from a relevant viewpoint. We are free to ask questions as well as answer them from the perspectives of both the player and the big gaming companies. We do this to help players understand the market and we try to do it in a way that is interesting and entertaining.

On our website you will also find unbeatable bonuses on online betting and casino. We also offer exclusive offers, like casino bonuses, to visitors of our website.

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