The Most Important Gaming Platforms in 2016

To become a successful gaming platform, it?s important to be backed by developing community. After all, what good is good hardware if the creative games aren?t available on it? A survey conducted by organizers of Game Developers Conference, brings a light on the platforms developers are now supporting and which are occupying the second place. Read More


Palms’ Method to Madness

BASKETBALL fans, we hope you are ready because the Madness started couple of days back. To prepare you for bracket season, we have presented an infographic that is filled with fun facts that can be used to impress your crew. With the famous basketball tournament, learn all the things you need to know about competition, Read More


United States of Gaming Data and Statistics

The United States of Gaming A Peek into the Minds of American Gamers This infographic presents some vital statistics of gaming in United States. To get complete information, please check out the above infographic. Source: Bigfish games


The Platform Duel: Web vs. Mobile in Social Casino Gaming

According to the recent research, mobile share of social casino games on both platforms is 20% to 98%, with an average of mobile ? 65% and web ? 35% respectively. This average figure is improving in the favor of mobile at an annual pace of 1.5%. Platform Preference ? 96% of social casino gamers play Read More

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Video Games Could be Good for You

There is so much bad press on video games, of course the vicious elements in some need restriction but there are numerous benefits to video games that shout less. The eye-coordination, reaction training, memory improvement, and more have great impact on your kids, provided if they are used in control. Here, we have a fantastic Read More


Guide To Game of Thrones Slot

Game of Thrones Slot, it?s one of the most popular casino slot games. Most of the casinos are featuring the game in top listing. Looking for Game of Thrones Slots Guide? This is the right place as we present some vital information about the game description, free spin bonuses, bonus game and more in our Read More